KOVENT-KLIMA Ltd is a manufacturing enterprise in the mechanical engineering industry. The company was launched in 1989 in the city of Bourgas with the establishment of a small single proprietor firm that designed and constructed fans in accordance with the market needs but their manufacturing was subcontracted to other organizations. Due to the increase in the number of developed type-sizes of fans, in 2001 the company was restructured to a limited liability company and started manufacturing its own products.

Strong market pressure and demand for fans, that meet certain technical specifications, as well as quality of the products, made KOVENT-KLIMA Ltd one of the leading fans’ producer in Bulgaria. Over the years the company has developed itself, has expanded its production activity, has multiplied its equipment and has created good workers in the machine building sector.

KOVENT-KLIMA Ltd is an entirely private company which has specialized its production activity in two main directions:

  • Production of fans for use in potentially explosive atmospheres(ATEX fans)

  • Production of general industrial fans

The company produces over 20 different series: axial fans (wall, duct, roof, reversive, for power transformers, etc.); centrifugal fans (low and medium pressure, high pressure, for vertical installation, for high temperatures, for furnaces, plug fans for air handling units, dust fans, multiblade, backward or forward curved impellers, doubleblade, etc.); local dust collectors (for collection of waste sawdust from woodworking machines and machines for PVC window frames); air heaters for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, and fans per customer's requirements meeting exact specifications.

The company is constantly expanding the range of its products and the volume of its sales. A specific characteristic of the company is the possibility for fast and high-quality design and production, which is a result of the staff potential and the good production and technological facilities.

The products manufactured by KOVENT-KLIMA Ltd are designed and constructed in accordance with the Law on Technical Requirements for Products (horizontal framework for transposition of all New Approach Directives) and the safety and health requirements of the Ordinance on the essential requirements and conformity assessment of the machinery, fully transposing Directive 98/37/EC. The fans, designed for use in potentially explosive atmosphere have been issued Type Examination Certificates and Product Quality Assurance Certificate by a Notified body. The certificates are in accordance with Ordinance on the essential requirements and conformity assessment of equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, fully transposing Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) and are issued by MINPROEKT JSC.

KOVENT-KLIMA fans and dust collectors are high quality products. The entire production process is constantly monitored, and all our fans are manufactured to plans conforming to procedures and instructions foreseen by BDS EN ISO 9001 standard.

The main tasks before the company management are the constant improvement of the products, securing of quality goods, reliable service, competitive prices and modernization of the technologies.

The constant contact with the customers, their trust, the technical and technological solutions of their problems have contributed to increase customer confidence.


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