Air Unit Heaters

Air unit heaters for use in potentially explosive atmospheres have explosive protection complying with Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) and therefore conform the requirements of BDS EN 60079-0. Axial fans which are elements of the units are coupled with electric motors intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres with different protection type (ExII2GExeII, ExII2GExd(de)IIB(C), ExII2DExtDA21IP65T125°C, etc.) and temperature class of T1 to T5. They have been specifically designed for use in hazardous zones for gas/vapour and aerosols: zone 1 and zone 2 and zones for combustible dust: zone 21 and zone 22, in agreement with BDS EN 1127-1. Air unit heaters for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere are designed to heat and ventilate stores, garages, work storeroom and other places where potentially explosive atmosphere can exist.

  1. Flow-rate: from 700 m3/h to 5200 m3/h
  2. Thermal capacity:
    1. For water heat transfer medium - from 4.5 kW to 58.0 kW
    2. For steam heat transfer medium - from 8.0 kW to 82.0 kW
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