Axial Fans
VO.S.x Ex (axial wall fans)
VO.K.x Ex (axial duct fans)
VO.K.R.x Ex (axial duct reversible fans)
VO.P.x Ex (axial roof fans)

Low and Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fans
VNN.E(R).x Ex (low and medium pressure centrifugal fans)
VNN.E.V.x Ex (centifugal fans - vertical installation)
VNN.KB.x Ex (centrifugal duct fans)
VNN.KN.x Ex (centrifugal duct fans)
VNN.PH(PV).x Ex (centrifugal roof fans)
VNN.E(R).x.P Ex (centrifugal plastic fans)
VNN.E.x.D Ex (centrifugal doubleblade fans)
VNN.E.x.D on plate Ex (centrifugal doubleblade fans on plate)
VNN.E.x.B Ex (centrifugal multiblade fans)

High Pressure Centrifugal Fans
VVN.E(R).x Ex (high pressure centrifugal fans)
VVN.E(R).x.M Ex (high pressure fans - series M)
VVN.E.V.x Ex (high pressure fans - vertical installation)

Fans intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX fans) are designed and constructed in accordance with the recommendations of BDS EN 14986, BDS EN 60079-0, BDS EN 13463-1, BDS EN 13463-5. Compling with the Ordinance on the essential requirements and conformity assessment of equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, fully transposing Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council 94/9/EC. They are coupled with electric motors, with different types of explosion protection (ExII2GExeII, ExII2GExd(de)IIB(C), ExII2DExtDA21IP65T125C, etc.) and temperature class of T1 to T5.